Alfred Hitchcock

The man who changed Cinema forever

Alfred Hitchcock first writes his scripts in scrupulous details. In fact, every visual and sound aspects of the movie has been written down on script. Alfred once said in an interview:

"When you finish the script, the film is perfect. But in shooting it you lose perhaps 40 percent of your original conception."

Hitchcock did not write his own movies. In fact, he was supervising his writer very carefully. He was present at every stage of the writing process.

Hitcock preferred telling the story with images rather that with dialogue. Every time an information could have been told with visuals, it was.

Many people from the industry are agreeing that Hitchcock made very detailed storyboards for all his movies. That so, his movies were mostly planned out before the shoot. Other experts are more nuanced, saying that some of his most famous scenes were never storyboarded.

Hitchcock treated actors like "animated props". He believed their role was to give a good performance without being implicated in the script or directing decisions. He believed that good actors were "good at doing nothing, which is a difficult task."